SamFw Tool Old & all version

The latest version of the SamFw Tool is not always the best. Sometimes the latest version may contain errors or bugs. In that case, you can use the old versions of the SamFw Tool.

Old version SamFw Tool
v4.6 Download
v4.4 Download
v4.3 Download
v4.2 Download
v4.1 Download
v4.0 Download
v3.31 Download
v3.2 Download
v3.1 Download
v3.0 Download
v2.8 Download
v2.7 Download
v2.6 Download
v2.5 Download
v2.4 Download
v2.3 Download
v2.2 Download
v2.1 Download
v2.0 Download
v1.0 Download

Readme Once

[*] Recommend: We recommend using the latest version of SamFw Tool. Because the newest version contains many features.

[*] Virus Free: The SamFw FRP Tool has no virus. Because firstly, we scanned it using Virus Total ( Tool, then uploaded it online.

[*] Credit: Full credits deserved the (Author: Tungtata). Because he created and distributed this tool for free.

[*] USB Driver: We have shared some USB Drivers for connecting your Samsung device to the computer. i.e., Samsung USB Driver.